Candace Parker & the Sparks vs. Brittney Griner & the Mercury: A Prime Example of why we need the WNBA

Entering the Staples Center Sunday afternoon as I took my place along the baseline, camera in hand, it wasn’t clear what my gameday takeaway would be. I just knew, know that the WNBA is just as important in terms of visibility as having a wide variety of people of color and women on our TV and film screens and that I need other people to get that. It’s about representation.

Sitting underneath the Sparks’ basket, it hit me, sometime during the first quarter as I watched Carol Ross guide her team from in front of the Sparks’ bench and an equally pumped up and animated Sandy Brondello do the same from in front of the Mercury’s. I’m watching a professional women’s sports game between two teams head coached by two women.

“Women in power! We need more of it!” said Brittney Griner with a huge grin, Sunday night. About the significance of visibility and representation in the form of these women in power she added, “It’s just good for us, good for our league. I’m happy about it…we definitely need more.”