10 Picture Books for Activists in Training by Mathangi Subramanian

Here’s the thing grownups constantly forget about childhood: sometimes, it sucks. Kids all over the world face poverty, war, bullying, discrimination, and oppression.

CBS Sports Network to debut weekly all-female sports talk show

The rarest species in sports television is a woman offering her opinion. Your cable system is littered with bloviating Baylesses belting out hot takes, but it doesn’t take Inspector Javert to recognize that the women in the medium are essentially restricted to anchoring or sideline reporting.

Why Nicole Beharie’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Character Is in No Way a Sidekick

You might be forgiven, if it wasn’t your job to watch it, for thinking that 

Untitled (Change The Name)

Untitled (Change The Name)

Jon StewartIn its tradition of reporting the news with a merciless realism and zeal, The Daily Show aired a segment this past weekend about a certain sports team making waves for holding on to “tradition.” Of course I’m referring to the infamous Washington football team whose management and image have made headlines consistently since the launch of the Change The Mascotcampaign. Loud and wrong soared to new…

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ICYMI: Dannielle Brooks of OITNB on Wendy Williams

“Orange is the New Black” star Danielle Brooks tells us about her rise to fame from being a “Wendy” audience member to starring on the hit Netflix original series.

Shonda Rhimes, Aaron Mcgruder Featured on List of Game-Changing TV Writers of Color

This year’s TV season is being touted as the most diverse in years. But before this year, there were still black TV writers toiling behind the scenes on some of America’s most popular shows as they worked their way up to getting their own shows, launching their own projects or forming their own production companies.

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Hopes to Engage Fans in Season 2

NEW YORK (AP) — “Sleepy Hollow” was renewed after just three episodes last year, and star Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane, calls the new season “the tricky second album.”

Check Out New Single ‘Throne Killa’ From New Orleans’ MC Lyrikill

As we enter October, this week we acknowledge New Orleans-based artist and sneaker enthusiast Lyrikill as he returns to the hip hop scene with new single, ‘Throne Killa’.  

Shonda Rhimes interview: Meet the most powerful woman in US television

Shonda Rhimes interview: Meet the most powerful woman in US television

Who’s the most powerful person in US television?

Arguably, it’s not an A-list star, nor a channel head. It’s Shonda Rhimes, the 44-year-old writer and producer known for her high-octane dramas and whiplash plot twists.

Consider last Thursday evening, when Rhimes fans were treated to three hours in Shondaland (the name of her production company)  as her current shows – medical saga Grey’s…

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A Weekend of Resistance: #Ferguson demands justice for #MikeBrown

In the wake of the murder of college-bound Ferguson teen Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson, our masses have risen to defend his legacy and demand justice for his wrongful death.